Stories in postcards – Raymilton, PA 1911

This real photo postcard, with a “received”postmark of Raymilton, PA, Oct. 20, 1911, is a good example of the stories that can be found on old postcards.  On the front of the postcard, the sender has written  below each oil worker, perhaps the state each is from.  The dog(?) is labeled “Cal.” The boiler house is identified, four derricks/wells are numbered, the lease name is mentioned, and perhaps the company name –  “K.T.O”? There was a K.T.O. (Kern Trading & Oil Co., a holding of Southern Pacific Railroad). Do the clues suggest that the postcard was sent from the California oilfields back to PA?  The note on the reverse, in part, reads, “Things are pretty dull out here now, but I’m working every day and check this month is $94.97 clear.”


PA Raymilton rppc

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