Bremen, Ohio oil boom

The Bremen Gas and Oil Company J.W. Huston well is generally credited as the discovery well for the Bremen oil field of south-central Ohio (Fairfield County).  Drilled and completed in the fall of 1907, the well tested at a rate of 140 barrels of oil per day.  In February, 1908 the Bremen Stock Exchange had been formed with a listing of 36 companies.  Drilling moved into the town itself, and by mid-1910, thirty-six wells had been drilled on town lots.  Drilling spread throughout the neighboring counties and several other oil fields were discovered. The Bremen oil boom lasted into the early 1920s.  Many real photo postcards (RPPCs) of the oil boom show the town lot drilling, oil field fires, and scenes of derricks and oil storage tanks.  The postcards on this blog post include the postcard used for the blog header and for the cover of Ohio Oil & Gas (2008).

SPENCER, Jeff A., 2008, A journey through two early Ohio oil booms, the Northwest    Ohio and the Bremen-New Straitsville booms, Oil-Industry History, v. 9, p. 59-72.

Bremen OH bridge oilfield rppc

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