Hughes No. 1 McKee well fire and Baroid advertising

Postcard view of the J.K. Hughes No. 1 McKee well near Corsicana and Powell, Texas.  On May 8, 1923, the well blew in at 8,000 barrel of oil per day from a depth of 2,850 feet.  Within 24 hours a spark ignited the oil and gas.  Sixteen men died as a result of the fire; thirteen at the derrick and three later in hospital.  The fire was extinguished on May 20th.   Mexia, Texas photographer J.D. Buie took this photograph.

Probably not the most tasteful oilfield view/caption to use for an advertisement, the reverse of this postcard is a very early Baroid sales pitch, presumably, for their drilling mud additive.

The National Pigments and Chemical Company was a subsidiary of National Lead Company. Their St. Louis plant produced paint-grade barite for use in drilling mud and was marketed under the brand name Baroid. In 1926 the company began efforts to secure a patent.  Baroid Sales Company was formed in 1931 (Caenn, Ryen, Darley, H.C.H, and George Gray, 2011, Composition and properties of drilling and completion fluids; Gulf Professional Publishing, 720 pp.).

Hughes fire Powell pc revHughes fire Powell pc

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