Pace well – Winn Parish, Louisiana

J.D. Pace (1861-1946) lived in Winnfield, Louisiana and was active in the oil business and in real estate. In August, 1906 he organized the Pace Oil Company with capital stock of 50,000 shares at a dollar a share.  The Winnfield Southern Sentinel (January 18, 1907) reported on a Pace well near Winnfield that had “passed through granite” and was drilling in sand.  The article stated that “the flow of natural gas in the Pace oil well is now something immense and the supply seems to be practically inexhaustible.”  Specimens of the “volcanic rock” were later determined to be “gypsum and limestone, darkened by hydrocarbons and pyrite” (Harris 1910).  This well was probably drilled on the Cedar Creek salt dome, a few miles southeast of Winnfield.  Postcard postmarked 5/22/1908 in Winnfield, LA.  Note the three men on top of the derrick and the large crowd in front, dressed in their Sunday best, for the photograph.

Harris, G.D., 1910, Oil and gas in Louisiana, USGS Bulletin 429.

Pace 1908 pc

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