Jennings (Evangeline) oil field, Louisiana

The Jennings (Evangeline) oil field, Acadia Parish, was Louisiana’s first oil discovery,  just a few months after the January, 1901 discovery of Spindletop oil field near Beaumont, Texas.

These postcards show some scenes from the oilfield over the years. The photos (from May 17, 2017) show some of the historical markers from the area. The reconstructed wooden derrick and the sign with the men are at the Louisiana Oil and Gas Park off Interstate 10 and Route 26. The other historical marker is off Route 97 within the oilfield area, as are the fence paintings.

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SPENCER, Jeff A., and MILLER, Byron, 2003, Jennings Oil Field: the start of Louisiana’s oil industry: Oil Industry History, v. 4, p. 13-19.

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crowley jenningsderricksIMG_0745IMG_0746jennigs sign 1oil gusherjennings sign 2

jennnings derrick

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