Carnahan No. 1 Siggins – “dream well” – postcard and story

“Romantic as it may seem, the discovery well may be termed a ‘dream’ well. It is stated that a dream was responsible for the location of the well by Charles Carnahan, well-known operator of Tidioute.  The ‘dreamer’ in the case was the late Hugh Carnahan, father of Charles, himself an old-time operator.  Years ago the elder Carnahan dreamed that he saw a flowing well gushing oil near a pile of stone in a natural growth of sumac at a point on the John Siggins farm, three miles south of Tidioute, and on the east side of the Allegheny River.  The elder Carnahan, sometime later, expressed a wish that his son should sometime drill at the point indicated in the dream.”

More to the story in the Oil Trade Journal full article.

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