Oil Well Willie

The Howdy Doody Show was one of the most popular children’s programs in television history (December 27, 1947-September 24, 1960). Oil Well Willie, played by Bill LeCornec, searched for oil, but never found any. Willie was often described as a “Gabby Hayes” type character.

This card was cut from a 1950 Royal Dessert Pudding box and was card #14 in a set of 16. The caption on a complete box: “Royal Trading Card Howdy Doody No. 14. Oil Well Willie hadn’t struck oil in many years but he struck up many friendships when he moved to Doodyville. Now this old prospector helps Buffalo Bob keep order in Doodyville and continues his search for oil wells.”

SPENCER, Jeff A., 2009, The petroleum history in trade cards, trading cards, and comic books, Oil-Industry History, v. 10, p. 115-119.


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