Texas oil cachets – Air mail feeder survey flights – 1937

An experiment with a “feeder system” carrying mail within five states, North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas, took place during “Airmail Feeder Week,” December 6-12, 1937.

In Texas, small planes carried mail to Houston from smaller Texas towns for connections to main airmail routes. Eastern Air Lines was the Texas carrier and some sources state that 38 Texas towns participated; other sources mention 50.  Special boxes were placed in post office lobbies days in advance and postmasters encouraged patrons to bring their letters for participation in this postal event. Generic and local cachets were designed for envelopes.  Oil-related Texas Air Mail Feeder Survey Flight cachets include ones from the towns of Ranger, Port Arthur, Electra, Graham, and Odessa.  This Port Arthur example shows a refinery and the slogan, “We oil the world” and was addressed to the Texas Company at 135 East 42nd Street, New York City, New York.  The Texas Company, later Texaco, leased fourteen floors at this address…..the Chrysler Building!

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