Early oilfield postcard from Germany

This postcard caption describes a steamship towing crude oil on the Aller River  near Wietze, which is near Hannover, Germany. The postcard was postmarked in July, 1921 at “Celle” the district that Wietze is located in.  The below quoted text describes some of the area’s petroleum history.

Celle has been a center for the oil industry by tradition since “black gold” was first found in this area: the Hunäus-Well – drilled 1858 – started the oil & gas production in Germany. The historic spot and the history of oil & gas production is shown in the exhibition of “Erdölmuseum” (oil museum) in Celle County. Since then, Celle has become a leading center for the development and production of drilling technology for oil, gas and geothermal wells – which is why Celle is sometimes called the “Houston of Europe”.

https://www.eage.org/event/?eventid=1259&evp=16503  (2015)german oil 7_5_1921pc

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