Oil-related Chocolate Trade Cards

iraq chocolate cardiraq chocolate card revchocolate Russia1932chocolate Russia back5x6.8cm

“The Pupier brand was created in Saint-Etienne, in the 1860s. The founder, Jean-Louis Pupier handed over the company to his son Joseph in 1895 and in turn, his grandsons Adrien and Marcel Pupier succeeded their father in 1919 to continue the company tradition.” http://www.cemoi.fr/en/our-products/our-brands/

The company included trade cards in with their products. When collectors completed a full set of cards, they could redeem them for a gift.  In 1938 the company issued a series of chocolate trade cards with the theme of countries of the world.

Here are two examples of oil-related chocolate trade cards:  a Russian view and an Iraqi view.  The reverses of these two cards suggest different sets/series, but one of these may have been from that 1938 series.

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